New Website Layout

The webmaster, in coordination with the Internet Committee and the Grand Master has released an updated layout to website for The Grand Lodge of Mississippi.

The new layout includes updates to the Lodge Locator, Event Calendar and weekly email notification features. To assist current and new users with this transition, the webmaster has prepared the following instructional videos:



Message from the Webmaster:


I hope that you enjoy the new layout and updated features of this website. Allow me to recognize that the majority of the content of this website was the diligent work of brethren that came before me, and they deserve the appreciation for their hard work. All I have attempted to do is to magnify their work even further.

It is my hope that the updated features of the website are intuitive. However, if you find that they are not I have prepared some videos that I hope will provide you with the information needed to use this website.

Despite my best efforts, I will not be surprised to learn that I have made an error someplace.

Should you see anything that you need or would like to bring to my attention, please do so using this contact form.

You may also email me at

Thank you,

Jared Stanley