Grand Master Message

200 Years and Still Cemented With Love

Brethren and Friends,

Earlier this year our Governor, The Honorable Phil Bryant, issued a proclamation making March 9, 2018 “Freemasons Day” in Mississippi. This was done in recognition of our Bicentennial Celebration which had been previously proclaimed. It was a distinct honor for me to be elected to be your Grand Master on that Historic Day. At my installation I was asked the following question “Do you promise, on the honor of a Mason, that in the office of Grand Master you will according to the best of your abilities, strictly comply with the Laws and Regulations of this Grand Lodge and all Ancient Masonic usages?” My answer to the Installing PGM was “I do”. At this time I reaffirm that answer to you, My Brethren and Friends, and further promise to you that I will give the utmost attention to the welfare of The Grand Lodge of Mississippi and all its appendant bodies in my term as Grand Master.

Two hundred years ago in Natchez Mississippi our Founding Fathers coined a phrase “Cemented With Love” which has been our hallmark since 1818. I have chosen to renew that call to unity and brotherhood by reaffirming that motto and adding “ 200 Years and Still Cemented with Love”. There are many kinds and types of cement. Some will be strong for a while and then will begin to crumble. Others will be strong and stand the ravages of time and the elements for thousands of years. The ancient “Collegium Artificium” or College of Architects in Rome, to which many of our brethren belonged, knew of mixtures of cement that would hold fast even when poured in water and be strong for many years. One example of this is at the ancient port of Joppa where our brethren off loaded the materials for the Temple in Jerusalem. I visited Joppa and looked at those sea walls still standing and strong after thousands of years. This is the kind of cement that was poured out upon Our State and the Grand Lodge of Mississippi in Natchez 200 years ago on July 27, 1818 with the founding of Our Grand Lodge. At this time I ask you celebrate and remember with me our common bonding as Friends and Brothers which began on that day.

This year in Natchez on July 27, 2018, the 200th Anniversary of that event, we will reenact that event through a dramatic presentation by the MS Lodge of Research. You are invited to attend, and you may purchase tickets to a Grand Banquet to be held in the evening. There will also be a fireworks display on the Mississippi River. I look forward to seeing you in Natchez.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

Thomas L. Cumberland
Grand Master, 2018
Grand Lodge of Mississippi, F∴ & A∴ M∴

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Natchez Tour

Please see THIS PDF for an agenda of the tour that has been setup for ladies and others who will not be attending the degrees on Saturday at the Bicentennial celebration in Natchez. The cost for the tour is $30 per person. Please SEE THIS PDF for details.


The following is provided by the Grand Secretary. It is a news release that was sent to him by the Masonic Service Association of America (PLEASE NOTE: Any donations should be sent DIRECTLY to the MSANA):


JUNE 8, 2018




The Fuego Volcano in Guatemala erupted with terrible force on June 3 killing many and burying hundreds more. Volcanic ash has fallen over half of Guatemala where agriculture is crucial. Further eruptions and seismic events are expected.

The Grand Master of Guatemala, Brother Estuardo Ordoñez Kocher, has asked the Masonic Service Association of North America to issue a Disaster Relief Appeal to help his afflicted brethren and their families. He reports that six of over 50 burned children have already been sent to the Shriners Hospital in Galveston, Texas, but, unfortunately, his local resources have been expended.

Donations can be made online at

Please forward any donations you feel appropriate to help in this stricken jurisdiction to MSA. Please make checks payable to MSA Disaster Relief Fund and send to 3905 National Drive, STE 280, Burtonsville, MD 20866. When remitting by check, please clearly mark that you wish the funds to go to the Guatemala Disaster Appeal.

All administrative expenses, bank charges, bookkeeping, and cost of acknowledgment letters is absorbed by MSA in its operating budget. Your entire donation will be sent to the affected jurisdiction. That’s the way it’s always been, and that’s the way it will continue.

MSA is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

# # #

Simon R. LaPlace, PGM, Executive Secretary
Masonic Service Association of North America
3905 National Drive, STE 280
Burtonsville, MD 20866

Bicentennial Agenda

Here is the official agenda for the Bicentennial Celebration of Freemasonry in Mississippi. Everything on Friday is open to everyone. You must have a ticket ($50 each) for the banquet. Everything on Saturday will be for Masons of the particular Degree.:

Friday, July 27: Natchez Convention Center

1:00 PM. 
Reenactment of the formation of the Grand Lodge of Mississippi by the Mississippi Lodge of Research.

6:00 PM.
Bicentennial Banquet, with the opening of a Time Capsule and Keynote speaker Trent Lott.

9:15 PM.
Firework over the Mississippi River.

Saturday, July 28: Natchez Masonic Building

8:30 AM.
The Mississippi Confederate Degree Team will open Harmony Lodge #1 for the conferral of an Entered Apprentice Degree.

At the conclusion The Mississippi Mountain Men with open Andrew Jackson Lodge #2 for the conferral of a Fellow Craft.

1:30 PM.
The Grand Lodge of Mississippi will open Washington Lodge #3 for the conferral of a Master Mason Degree.

Introductions and recognition at the conclusion.