Grand Master Message

anchorHail Friends,

What a honor for me to serve the Grand Lodge of the Great State of Mississippi for 2017 and to represent you for a short time. I will strive to give 100% of my abilities for this purpose.

My motto for this year is “Anchored in Masonry” and I hope you will join me in this endeavor.
Mr. Webster describes an anchor as something that serves to hold an object firmly. I believe that it is time for Mississippi Masons to hold firmly to our teachings and customs.

I asked that you pray for me as I will for each of you. Pray for yourself each day that you will become a better person. Each of us are the best Mason that someone knows. Will that person want to be like you or will they shy away from masonry.

As we prepare for our 200th year next year may we all give positive publicity of Masonry and let the world know that Masonry is alive and well in Mississippi.

Thanks for all the encouragements, thought and prayers that you have supported me with. I look forward to seeing as many of you as I can in the coming year.

Until then I remain
Anchored in Masonry

Don Bryant
Grand Master, 2017
Grand Lodge of Mississippi, F∴ & A∴ M∴

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MS Senate Concurrent Bicentennial Resolution

A resolution has been signed by Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves, Philip Gunn, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Senator Terry C. Burton, District 31,
President Pro Tempore, who is also a Past Master of Evergreen Lodge No. 57, recognizing the upcoming Bicentennial of Freemasonry in Mississippi, along with several appendant Masonic bodies.

The text of the resolution follows, but you can Download a Printable PDF Suitable for Presentation, Here.

Worshipful Brother, Senator Terry C. Burton, District 31
President Pro Tempore, signs the resolution.

The pen, adorned with Masonic Symbols, used by Worshipful Brother Burton to sign the resolution.

An Official Presser was Released, Available Here.

Text of the Resolution



WHEREAS, the Grand Lodge of Mississippi of Free and Accepted Masons is an organization dedicated to the ancient landmarks of the Order of Freemasonry; and

WHEREAS, on June 24, 2017, all Masons wheresoever dispersed celebrated 300 years of Freemasonry; and

WHEREAS, on July 27, 1818, the Grand Lodge of Mississippi of Free and Accepted Masons was officially established in Natchez, Mississippi, by delegates from territorial lodges warranted almost 15 years prior to the recognition of the newly established State of Mississippi; and

WHEREAS, the Grand Lodge of Mississippi was prior to 1871 an unincorporated, voluntary association of persons, but in said year and about the 10th day of April, 1871, the Grand Lodge procured a charter in perpetual succession by an act of the Mississippi legislature, which through its principle officers governs and regulates the Masonic fraternity within the State of Mississippi; and

WHEREAS, Masons are taught that all men are equal and individual freedom of thought and action, as well as morality and ethics, are the concepts and ideals upon which the Order is founded; and

WHEREAS, by teaching the great principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth and through its fellowship, its compassion and its concern, Freemasonry enables men to serve God, family, country, neighbors and self; and

WHEREAS, the Grand Lodge of Mississippi today consists of more than 16,000 Master Masons and 239 Lodges located in nearly every community across the State, as well as other appendant Masonic bodies such as the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and the York Rite, and other affiliated bodies such as Shriners International, National Sojourners, Order of the Eastern Star, DeMolay International, International Order of the Rainbow; and

WHEREAS, it is the policy of this Legislature to recognize and commend the success, accomplishments and contributions fine institutions in Mississippi such as the Grand Lodge of Mississippi for its civic contributions and service, as well as to recognize and commend the long legacy of the civic contributions and service of its members.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES CONCURRING THEREIN, That we do hereby commend and congratulate the Grand Lodge of Mississippi F&AM upon the occasion of their upcoming bicentennial, to be held in Natchez, Mississippi, on Friday, July 27, 2018.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be presented to representatives of the Grand Lodge of Mississippi F&AM and made available to the Capitol Press Corps.

January 26, 2018
Signed Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves
President of the Senate

February 6, 2018
Signed Philip Gunn
Speaker of the House of Representatives

Signed Senator Terry C. Burton, District 31
President Pro Tempore

Neshoba Shrine Club Makes Large Bicentennial Donation

The Neshoba Shrine Club has made a large $1,000 donation to the Grand Lodge of Mississippi for the upcoming Bicentennial Celebration in July, 2018. Many individuals, lodges and groups have been raising and donating funds for this purpose, but this $1,000 donation is currently the largest one-time donation to the event.

A multitude of activities are planned for the Bicentennial of The Grand Lodge of Mississippi, including a long fireworks display over the Mississippi River. All donations go towards supporting these activities.

If you, your group, lodge, or district, wish to make a donation to the Grand Lodge of Mississippi’s Bicentennial Celebration, start by contacting the Grand Secretary for details.

Thank you to all who have made a donation up to this point, and for your consideration for future donations, as we look to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime event for Freemasonry in Mississippi.

Want to have your donation featured? Be sure to take a picture and send the information to the Grand Lodge Webmaster!

Development of Education Courses

Today, February 3rd, 2018, the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Mississippi, Don Bryant, members of 10 Year Planning Committee and the Education Committee, DDGL‘s and PGM‘s met at the Meridian Masonic Center to participate in a preview of the upcoming Master Mason 101 and Introduction to Lodge Leadership Courses. Facilitators Stephen Bush, DDGL, and Tyler Blalock, DDGL, presented the courses and received feedback from those present.

This photo only represents about 1/2 of those who attended the training session

Suffice to say, all are very excited for these new courses, and for the plethora of courses to come in the future that these form the foundation for.

These courses are being fine-tuned prior to their official release at the 200th Bicentennial Session of the Grand Lodge of Mississippi, F. & A. M. There, members of subordinate lodges will be able to attend and take the information provided back home for personal development, and to their Lodges, for the development of their Brethren and their Lodge.

Don’t miss out. If you want to participate and be in “on the ground floor”, then read more about it here.

We look forward to seeing your lodge represented there!