Builder’s Walk of Fame

The intent of this fundraiser is to provide an opportunity for Mississippi Freemasons, Subordinate Lodges and their families to commemorate their legacy or honor the memory of their loved one, by contributing their support to Mississippi Masonry.

Each brick paver purchased generates funding for the Grand Lodge Endowment Fund and affords the recipient an opportunity to etch their name or other personalized message, to be added forever to the history of the Grand Lodge. All pre-ordered brick pavers will be engraved, laid and secured affixed permanently in a walkway of the Grand Lodge Office courtyard in Meridian, to serve as a memorial contribution to the future of Mississippi Masonry. Duplicate brick pavers can also be purchased as a personal keepsake.

Donations for the 4×8″ standard pavers are $100.00 and $200.00 for the 8×8″ pavers.