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This site has been designed and developed by the Webmaster in coordination with the Internet Committee of the Grand Lodge of Mississippi, F∴ & A∴M∴. A Committee Directory can be found HERE.

This website has been recently updated. The following videos have been prepared to assist users with navigating the website and its various new features:

MSGRANDLODGE.ORG is based on the most current versions of popular open-source software, which have been extensively customized for our content and design. By using open-source software, the Grand Lodge of Mississippi has saved thousands of dollars in development costs, which can be better used to fund other charitable programs and services.

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This site been optimized for our member demographics found across Mississippi, many of whom still utilize dial-up connections to access the Internet. All images are compressed to the smallest sizes, content is dynamically powered by CSS, and bandwidth-hungry features such as Flash and Java/Javascript have been avoided whenever possible.

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