Grand Lodge Officers

The Mississippi Grand Lodge Officers 2017-2018

M∴W∴ Bro∴
Don Bryant
R∴W∴ Bro∴ Joseph B. Thompson
R∴W∴ Bro∴ Thomas L. Cumberland
Grand Master
Deputy Grand Master
Senior Grand Warden
R∴W∴ Bro∴ Jason A. Jefcoat
R∴R∴ Bro∴ Darby L. Combs
R∴W∴ Bro∴ Micky P. McMahan
Junior Grand Warden
Grand Chaplain
Grand Treasurer
R∴W∴ Bro∴ Floyd Tomas Jones
M∴W∴ Bro∴ Danny O. Alexander
R∴W∴ Bro∴ John Kenneth Dawson
Grand Secretary
Grand Lecturer
Senior Grand Deacon
R∴W∴ Bro∴ Joe W. Vawters, Jr.
R∴W∴ Bro∴ David Brian Fricke
R∴W∴ Bro∴ Billy J. Barfield
Junior Grand Deacon
Grand Marshal
Grand Sword Bearer
R∴W∴ Bro∴ Paul D. Cross
R∴W∴ Bro∴ Charles Lynn “Fuzzy” Cox
R∴W∴ Bro∴ Lonnie L. Rayborn
Grand Pursuivant
Grand Orator
Grand Tiler

“We firmly rely on your knowledge of Masonry and your attachment to our Institution for the faithful discharge of this important trust.”

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