Builders Walk of Fame Installed


Square and Compasses imprinted into the front of the Builders Walk of Fame

The bricks for the Builders Walk of Fame have been laid – but there are a lot more spots still available! If you or your lodge would like to purchase a brick, which goes towards the Grand Lodge Endowment Fund, or to learn more about the project, Click Here.

Brother Jason Jefcoat, DDGL District 24, one of his employees, and brothers Jason Porter & Mark Jones assisted with laying the bricks.

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The Builders Walk of Fame

The Builders Walk of Fame

Some of the complete 4"x8" bricks.

Some of the complete 4″x8″ bricks.

The 4"x8" bricks.

The 4″x8″ bricks.

The 4"x8" Bricks

The 4″x8″ bricks.

The 8"x8" bricks on the left of the walkway.

The 8″x8″ bricks on the left of the walkway.

The 8"x8" bricks on the right side of the walkway.

The 8″x8″ bricks on the right side of the walkway.



Grand Master Fundraising

MagnetThe Grand Master has established a page where Freemasons can see the items available for fundraising and learn which projects/funds each item supports. See, learn about the items, and learn how to place orders here: Grand Master’s Fundraising Store.

The page is also accessible via the menu’s at the top of the page by going to Philanthropy -> GM Fundraising.

Volunteers Requested

Grand Lodge SealFrom the Grand Secretary:

The Grand Lodge of Mississippi as received an official request from the Grand Lodge of Louisiana requesting assistance in the form of physical labor to assist with the recovery from the recent flooding. The details are:

Contact: Carle Jackson, 225-938-3552 or Acacia Shrine Center, 225-923-3124, or Chuck Coburn (Asst. Raban), 985-974-2961

Please call before you leave home and again when you arrive in Baton Rouge.

If you will be staying for several days, we are housing volunteers at the Acacia Shrine Center. Bring a cot if possible. Linens, blankets & towels are available.

All volunteers will be registered and dispatched from Acacia.

What to bring with you:

  • Boots: You will be working in debris from a major disaster.
  • Goggles, gloves and hard hat, if you have them.
  • Masks & other equipment will be available at the Shrine Center. If you do not have the items on the list, we will supply what we can with the exception of boots.

Make sure your tetanus shot is current (within last five years). You should also have a vaccination for Hepatitis C if you are going to work in the debris areas where water systems are compromised. If you have not had these inoculations, arrangements can be made.